Plan Ahead: The (Easy) Wedding Gift Etiquette Rules a Guest Should Always Follow

When you're a guest at a wedding, you're there to celebrate a milestone for a couple—and enjoy all of the planning that went into it. You likely weren't a part of the discussions over the guest list, or the venue, or even the photography. Instead, you were simply asked to show up for the ceremony and then hit the dance floor with your best moves.

But, hey, guests have to make choices for the big day, too. And the most pressing one, after deciding not to show up late and in sweatpants, is what to give the pair as a present. In order to make sure this choice goes as smoothly as possible, we asked Jennifer Spector, director of brand at Zola, to give us some pointers on wedding gift etiquette.

Read on to see how you can wrap up something every couple can enjoy.