The Worst Thing a Guest Can Do at a Wedding (You've Been Warned)

Wedding season is fast approaching, and gifting authority Zola has released its 2018 Wedding Guest Report to offer some insight into the trends you're about to see everywhere. In addition to spotlighting the most popular floral and bridesmaid dress trends (greenery is in, and matching dresses are out, it suggests), the report also surveyed newlyweds to share some intel. Perhaps the most intriguing part of the report is the feedback about guests. Yes, couples remember the way you act on their big day, and there are a few behaviors that make them cringe.

The worst thing a guest can do at a wedding is make their own announcements like an engagement or pregnancy, couples revealed. Coming in at number two is complaining at the event, followed by getting drunk, forgetting to RSVP, and giving a mortifying toast. Interestingly, only 6% of brides were bothered by guests who wore white, suggesting the age-old etiquette rule might be on its way out.