8 Expert Tips to Avoid Becoming Bridezilla

Whether you’re hosting a low-key ceremony in your parents’ backyard or jetting off to Italy for your big day along with 400 guests, planning a wedding is (*understatement alert*) stressful. There are budget-focused issues like choosing a dress, as well as organizational ones like where to seat Aunt Suzy so she doesn’t scare away your friends—in other words, who can blame you for being a bit on edge? But if you’re not careful, a little anxiety can blow up and bring you into full-on Bridezilla territory.

To help you avoid this unpleasant scenario, we tapped celebrity wedding planner Cassandra Herschenfeld—the brains behind Lauren Conrad’s gorgeous California winery nuptials—to spill all of her best advice. The good news? “Getting married is only as stressful as you make it,” Herschenfeld assures us (music to our ears). Remain relaxed and even-keeled while planning your wedding by following her expert tips, which include everything from taking the time to pamper yourself to keeping a stack of Papyrus thank-you cards on hand.

Think you or a friend might be heading toward Bridezilla territory? Keep calm and take notes.

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