The #1 Item Newly Married Couples Wish They'd Registered For

Updated 05/08/19
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There's plenty that can go wrong when planning a wedding, but the gifts you register for ahead of time with careful thought and consideration shouldn't be one of them. Unfortunately, wedding-registry regret is rampant among newlyweds, as evidenced by a recent survey from modern wedding registry site Zola.

According to its survey this past May of over 650 millennial-aged married couples, the biggest wedding registry regret was not registering for luggage. Although this may seem generic, luggage sticks out like a sore thumb amid traditional wedding registry staples like state-of-the-art blenders and brand-new decorations for the home. But when you consider our love of travel and adventure, this comes as no surprise. We're not known as the "experience generation" for nothing.

"Today's couples are adventurous. Beyond fine china and linens, they want to register for items that fit their lifestyle, whether that's a tent, a picnic basket, or luggage," said Jennifer Spector, a newlywed who works for Zola. "My husband and I registered for carry-on bags and a camera to capture our honeymoon." It appears that Spector's adventurous spirit isn't unmatched: Zola also revealed that almost as many newlyweds would prefer to live like a local in an Airbnb or go camping on their honeymoon (28%) as those who would prefer a luxury hotel (36%).

Newlyweds: What's your top wedding registry regret? Let us know.

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