This Breakfast Recipe Is a Life-Changing Treat

While we crave cinnamon-soaked treats all year long, our desire for morning buns has hit fever pitch now that fall has arrived in all its pumpkin-spiced, leaf-crunching glory. So if you're experiencing post–Labor Day blues (and wondering how to ease yourself into the seasonal transition), you've come to the right place. This morning bun recipe from Epicurious is not only delicious, it's low maintenance, simple, and calls for just three core ingredients: oranges, croissant dough, and sugar (though we recommend adding cinnamon too).

As if you needed any more convincing to whip up some of these delicious treats, this drool-worthy video (with an accompanying recipe) is sure to get you inspired in the kitchen and ready for the season ahead. And since nothing goes better with warm morning buns than a cozy bed on a lazy Saturday, you'll also have a great excuse to lounge around and indulge.