It's Official: These Are the Next Breakout Cities to Visit Now

Austin, Texas; Hudson, New York; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. While these three iconic American cities have long been on the map (literally and figuratively), they’re just now experiencing a cultural renaissance of sorts—one that’s shaking up the art scene, food culture, and even the music industry. It’s no wonder that any traveler worth her salt has these on-the-rise destinations on her bucket list.

So to get you ahead of the curve, we spoke to three inspiring, self-made locals who know these cities inside out: Austin-based fashion blogger Merritt Beck, travel blogger Eva Tsang of Hudson, and photographer Morgan Smith of Philadelphia. Below, they each share their can’t-miss eateries, shops, and favorite haunts of their cities—and, their commuter essentials to spend the day in style with choice accessories from Shinola. A harmonious fit, seeing how the design brand itself is revolutionizing the American manufacturing scene in the heart of downtown Detroit—a city that’s in the midst of a creative renaissance of its own—with Shinola’s artisanal watch, leather good, and bicycle factory. That’s a movement we can get behind.

To unlock their city guides and plan a trip of your own, hover over the map below. You never know, you may be convinced to extend your stay to become a local yourself.