7 Ways to Be the Best Weekend Hostess Ever

With the holidays coming up, now is an appropriate time to brush up on your hostessing skills—especially if you’re having guests stay at your abode for more than a couple of days. Why? Because Elle Decor reports that a shocking 50% of houseguests are disappointed by the accommodations offered to them. To ensure that your friends and family are well taken care of, here are seven easy ways to impress houseguests.

  1. Make sure your house is clean.
  2. Change the bed sheets. Your guests deserve clean bedding.
  3. Provide toiletries. Whenever I’m at a hotel, I stock up on miniature bottles of shampoo and conditioner. When guests come to stay with me, I give them these toiletries. Having a few extra toothbrushes is also a a great idea! 
  4. Ensure that they have everything they need to sleep comfortably. Plenty of pillows, warm blankets if your house gets chilly, and an eye mask are essential.
  5. Don’t argue in front of guests.
  6. Provide your Internet password.
  7. Make your guests feel welcome and comfortable.

It’s also a good idea to place some reading material in a chic tray near the bed in your guest room.

What little things do you do to make guests feel more welcome?