How to Improve Your Health (and Bank Account) With One Weekly Practice

If you committed to healthy eating in 2017, chances are you've struggled with sticking to it during the past couple of months—resisting temptations and avoiding falling back into bad habits are hard work. It's natural to experience these challenges after embarking on a health kick. You begin with momentum, but eventually your willpower begins to wane. Knowing this is all too common, Mindbodygreen presented a simple solution that can help you power through and stick to your healthy eating habit (and help out your bank account along the way).

The trick is having a meal plan—a set list of the exact ingredients you buy to prepare all your meals for the week. Planning out every meal Sunday through Saturday will not help you stick to your commitment to nutritious whole foods, but it will give you a streamlined grocery list that reduces waste and saves you time and money as well. We can't rely on willpower alone to keep us on track all the time, especially when variables like late nights at work or feeling under the weather come into play. If you have everything planned, prepped, and ready to go ahead of time, you'll be able to tackle whatever the week brings.

Download a weekly meal plan template, and then head here for other things you can do on Sunday for a healthier week.