4 Elements That Will Make Your Entryway More Welcoming Than Ever

Bright and sunny white entryway with mirror and woven rug.

Calimia Home

In the process of decorating your entryway but don’t know where to begin? We’ve got you covered. Incorporating these four elements into your space will ensure that it’s aesthetically pleasing, functional, and unique. 

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A Mirror

Minimalistic entryway with bench and large mirror

House Sprucing

A mirror helps anchor an entryway—no matter how small—and will instantly help visitors feel at home. Who doesn’t want to quickly check their reflection upon arriving at or departing a friend’s apartment?

It will also serve to make a space seem larger and invite more light into the area, so you really can’t go wrong by hanging one. Choose an oversized piece but allow it to reflect your aesthetic, whether that means opting for something mod and circular or more traditional and ornate.

Mid Century Asymmetrical Wall Mirror
West Elm Mid Century Asymmetrical Wall Mirror $400.00
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Something Green 

Boho rustic entryway table with mirror and plant.

House of Hanes

Fresh flowers are always nice, but if that’s not feasible, opt for a small plant or even a petite succulent of that’s all your space allows. Plants always exude comfort and peace, and many take little effort to maintain.

If your entryway truly doesn’t receive any natural light, place a fake plant there instead; upon first glance, your friends may not even realize it isn’t living.

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Some Art

Entry with boho chic neutral art.

Jenn Pablo Studio

Lean a favorite piece of art on your entryway table, or hang a few smaller frames off to the side of the mirror if space allows. Art can be personal, vibrant, and stylish all at once, and it will immediately clue first-time guests into your aesthetic preferences and interests, making your space instantly feel more lived-in and special.

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A Coat Rack or Hooks

Entryway space with coat hooks.

Jessica Nelson Design

Guests are often unsure where to hang jackets or bags upon walking into a new space, and a coat rack will make things clear right away while also ensuring that visitors won’t open that messy hall closet in search of a hanger.

There are plenty of stylish coat racks on the market, so by no means do you have to settle for a basic dorm-room style piece. If you only have room for hanging hooks, we love this midcentury modern style fixture from Urban Outfitters. 

Arlo Modern Wall Multi-Hook
Urban Outfitters Arlo Modern Wall Multi-Hook $49.00