5 Wellness Retreats That'll Help You Become the Person You Want to Be


Golden Door

If you're like us, the tail-end of each year tends to follow a predictable narrative. Fall is the season for over-indulging, our workout regimen wanes come winter, and any health goals we set earlier in the year are well and truly forgotten by the holidays. Cue end-of-year anxiety, and don't even mutter the words "New Year's resolutions" as the year comes to a close. 

Rather than wait until December to kick-start a healthy lifestyle, now's the best time to remember the goals you set and take small steps to track toward them. Overwhelmed? Consider booking a wellness retreat tailored to your goal. The leading retreats in the U.S. take a hands-on approach to help you get back on track, whether it be via one-on-one healthy cooking lessons, a no-phone policy to help you disconnect from technology, or counseling sessions for you and your S.O. They'll help you get one step closer to becoming the person you want to be, just in time for 2019. 

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