I Fly 200 Hours a Year and Never Get Sick—These Products Are the Key

Traveling can take a real toll on your body and health. After all, sharing a pressurized cabin with strangers for hours on end means germs are rife, communal bathrooms can be hotbeds for bacteria, and jet lag can mess with your circadian rhythm, which compromises your immune system. It's little wonder why so many people get sick after traveling.

I've certainly had my fair share of post-travel coughs and colds, but after spending about 203 hours on airplanes last year, I think I've cracked the code to staying healthy midair. I'm not a doctor or nutrition expert; I'm just a travel editor who flies a lot for work and regularly experiments with the latest vitamins, beauty products, and travel gadgets. After spending hours in the air, I've finally got my routine down pat. Here's what I use every time I travel.

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