3 Up-and-Coming Natural Therapies to Treat Stress and Anxiety


Elemental Energy

Sage smudging might have found its way into public lexicon in 2016, but according to health and wellness experts, that's just the start of the holistic healing movement. The founders of SereneBook, a new wellness booking platform, tell Well and Good that a host of under-the-radar treatments is poised to take off in 2017. 

They're not the only experts who have noticed the rise in alternative therapy. Earlier this year, Pinterest scanned its massive database and revealed holistic healing methods are among the top five health trends of the year. "Energy work is going mainstream," Pinterest declared, noting that there's a growing interest in methods like Reiki to treat issues associated with stress and anxiety. 

Intrigued? SereneBook founders Millana Snow, Jordan Daly, and Tegan Bukowski reveal the three wellness treatments you have to try in 2017. 

"When people go into breath workshops, they are really surprised at how powerful it is," Bukowski says. "It can make you feel high or go into a crazy-meditative place."

Breathwork is a meditation practice that uses simple breathing exercises to improve mental, physical, and spiritual health. Whether you believe in its transformative powers or not, "just learning how to breathe properly is so valuable for relieving daily stresses," she notes. 

"In its simplest form, visceral manipulation is hands-on work dealing with the organs," explains Daly. "It's a way to release tension that's causing pain or dysfunction." Fans of this treatment believe it can help alleviate migraines, anxiety, and even chronic back pain, although more research is required to validate these claims. 

Co-founder and reiki practitioner Millana Snow says energy healing facials are her go-to. "They use the cleanest, most sacred ingredients they can source—like stuff that was blessed by a shaman or picked from an organic farm—and they typically do energy healing of some form, whether it's reiki or craniosacral therapy," she says. 

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