11 Health and Wellness Trends That Are In (and What's OUT)

No matter how much we resist, somehow we always find ourselves kneeling down to worship at the altar of the latest health and wellness trends. Why? Well, while we might have some initial doubts about their plausibility, this is quickly pushed aside in the name of longevity, eternal youth, and happiness. We hope that these new foods, diets, and exercises will actually do what they preach. So one week we're all chowing down on the lunch bowl craze, the next we're swapping them for açai smoothies, followed by the latest superfoods snacks and a golden milk ice cream.

It seems like there's a new buzzed-about health trend every week, and that can be a big green pill to swallow. But as healthy living continues to sweep the world, the positive impact this is having on our personal vitality is something to rejoice. So we asked Livestrong.com expert Jess Barron to set the record straight and share the health and wellness trends that are in and out.