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Our 23 Favorite Wes Anderson-Inspired Décor Picks


Other than holiday classics and our favorite rom-coms, there are a handful of movies that we want to watch over and over—and Wes Anderson films always keep us coming back. From the charming childhood love story of Moonrise Kingdom to the wanderlust brotherly escapades of The Darjeeling Limited, the films reveal their own intricately curated universes, each quirkier than the next. Every scene is a feast for the eyes, and any interior designer could be astounded by the perfectly placed visual aspects featured in each film.

If you've ever wanted to incorporate the dreamy, eclectic aesthetic of Anderson's films into your space, know that it all starts with the story. Hand in hand with Anderson's love for nostalgia, have you noticed that his films all take place in time periods before the current day? As such, film set décor helps set the tone distinctly in the past. Working with past sensibilities, distinct color palettes, symmetry, and a bold commitment to each individual theme, Anderson's designs leave us awed and inspired with every scene.

Below, browse our favorite Wes Anderson décor picks to bring the filmmaker's artistic style into your own home.

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Scalamandre Zebras Wallpaper

Scalamandre Zebras Wallpaper - Masai Red Price Upon Request

A Wes Anderson film design is never without a whimsical color palette. You may have noticed Anderson's use of pattern, too: Like the classic Scalamandre zebra print wallpaper from The Royal Tenenbaums. This print brings its own bold, unique personality to each scene it's featured in.

When styling your space to complement new wallpapers, choose small accents throughout the room—like artwork, throw pillows, and minimal décor—that feature the statement color to tie your design together.

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Pink Princess Phone

Crosley Pink Princess Phone $43.00

Perhaps the most well-known piece of décor from The Royal Tenenbaums is the iconic pink princess phone. Anderson's use of color in each movie highlights the vintage, eclectic nature of his work. Placed in the room alongside the red zebra wallpaper, this phone serves as a focal point with its own stylish personality.

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Vintage Badminton Rackets

Brybelly Holdings
Brybelly Holdings Vintage Badminton Rackets $19.00

The vintage 70s-inspired vibe of The Royal Tenenbaums brings us warm-hued scenes that feel as if they came alive right off of an antique film reel. But it wouldn't be complete without the details, and the childhood badminton game is tied together with classic badminton rackets. Style them in your space alongside muted warm colors, unique décor, and bright pastel accents.

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Jane Austen Book Set

Juniper Books
Juniper Books Jane Austen Book Set $150.00

Pink is the chosen color of The Royal Tenenbaums, and it comes alive throughout the film's scenes. When it comes to designing your space Anderson-style, consider applying one of his characteristic filmmaking techniques: symmetry. This vintage-inspired Jane Austen book set by Juniper Books complements the movie's major accents with a retro vibe while adding balance to any space thanks to its symmetrical patterns.

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Telegram Notepad

Kate Spade New York
Kate Spade New York Telegram Notepad $12.00

The Grand Budapest Hotel is one of the most iconic films by Anderson, and this cult favorite became popular for its rich storyline and visually pleasing aesthetic. Much of the plot rests on the contents of its telegrams: And you can display your own copies with this vintage-inspired set complete with a retro color scheme and design.

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1970's Vintage Deer Taxidermy Antlers

Chairish 1970's Vintage Deer Taxidermy Small Antlers Wall Decor $175.00

Anderson's filmography spares no details when it comes to set design. In its mountainous setting, the landscape of The Grand Budapest Hotel sets the stage for clips of wildlife and astounding architecture alike. Get the feel of the hotel with vintage antlers that bring the vibe of the lodge into your own space.

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Jurassic Hand-Knotted Wool Area Rug

Exquisite Rugs
Exquisite Rugs Jurassic Hand-Knotted Wool BlueBrown Area Rug $5,399.00

From the bright red tones of the building's grand entrance to the earthy-hued vintage carpet of the dining hall, patterns are everything in The Grand Budapest Hotel. Capture the essence of Anderson's vibrant neutrals—a design challenge that the director has mastered—with a boldly printed rug featuring minimal contrasting accents on a soft background.

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Paris Flea Market Large Chandelier

Circa Lighting
Circa Lighting Paris Flea Market Large Chandelier $2,199.00

One of the first accents we notice as Anderson walks us into the hotel for the first time is its elegant chandeliers hanging delicately from the ceiling. While it may be too formal for some, this designer style is an excellent choice to pair with warm, inviting color schemes and vintage décor. Plus, who wouldn't want their entryway to rival the aesthetic of The Grand Budapest Hotel?

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Mendl’s Patisserie Mounted Print

Redbubble Mendl’s Patisserie Mounted Print $35.00

What would The Grand Budapest Hotel be without Mendl's? The pastry shop continuously appears throughout the film in key moments, serving both delicious treats and a secretive disguise for the main characters when they make their escape. While handcrafted versions of the classic pastry boxes are rare to find, you can bring a taste of Mendl's Patisserie into your own kitchen with vintage-inspired wall prints.

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Steve Zissou Print

Inprint Steve Zissou Print, 12" x 15" $20.00

The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou is another fan favorite, in large part thanks to Bill Murray's impressive acting performance. Bring a glimpse of the film into your home with a portrait of Zissou himself. Style the versatile artwork alongside midcentury-modern furniture, vintage pieces, or your own personal heirlooms and decorative treasures—let the film's plot become part of the story in your own space.

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Mezzadro Stools

Zanotta x Castiglioni
Zanotta x Castiglioni Mezzadro Stools $1,090.00

The vintage bar stools in The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou add an interesting focal point to the movie, bringing a pop of color to each scene they're featured in. Get the look in your space with Mezzadro stools complete with wood bases, metal supports, and the iconic brightly-colored seating with cutout patterned holes.

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Vintage Life Preserver

Nautical Decor Store
Nautical Decor Store Vintage Life Preserver $27.00

The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou is as nautical as a film can be—and even if you're not one for going bold with themes in your home, bring a small accent into your living room with a vintage life preserver. These classic buoys add an eclectic vibe along with a hint of color, but thanks to their worn aesthetic, they're not too bright (and won't overwhelm your space).

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Swing Globes

Atmosphere × Giacomo Mutti
Atmosphere × Giacomo Mutti Swing Globe: Planet Earth $56.00

When you're traveling the ocean in a submarine, you've got to keep an eye on the map: And these swing globes look as if they were pulled from the Belafonte itself. With a modern black-and-white color scheme, the antique-inspired globes blend both styles to suit any space with a hint of character from The Life Aquatic.

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50's Retro Style Yellow Top Freezer Refrigerator

Smeg 50's Retro Style Yellow Top Freezer Refrigerator $1,999.00

Bring the retro aesthetic of The Life Aquatic to your kitchen with this yellow 50s-inspired refrigerator that brings vintage back in a bold way. You may remember Zizzou's appliances from colorful scenes in his kitchen, and this style can blend beautifully with modern elements and clean lines when used with minimal accents throughout your space.

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Mermaid X Ing Fleece Throw Blanket

Deny Designs
Deny Designs Anderson Design Group Mermaid X Ing Fleece Throw Blanket $75.00

The Life Aquatic is characterized by its nautical themes on the boat, and it's possible to add a few stylish elements to your space without going overboard (pun intended). This mermaid crossing throw blanket can bring a touch of nostalgic personality to any room, and paired with warm, earthy neutrals, it adds just enough color to make a statement.

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The Savanna Bag Number 4

Very Troubled Child
Very Troubled Child The Savanna Bag Number 4 (Personalize) $999.00

The Darjeeling Limited follows the tale of three brothers reunited on a train journey, and one particular element of the story always stands out: While the brothers are tied together by a mutual destination and purpose, they're also connected by their matching luggage sets. Personalize yours with the Savanna Bag collection, complete with animal prints and leather accents to take along on your own whimsical adventures.

Personalize your luggage with hand-painted initials, or opt for a full set during the holidays to gift the aesthetic of the movie to your own family members.

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Pocket Notebooks

Rifle Paper Co.
Rifle Paper Co. Pocket Notebooks (Set of 2) $15.00

It's Anderson's attention to detail that has resonated with large audiences; so much so that some of the films’ props have become iconic in the décor vernacular over the past few decades. Along with the Scalamandre zebra wallpaper, pink princess phone, and Darjeeling luggage, each film is filled with elements that round the stories out through purposeful items. Embark on your own journey with vintage-inspired passport notebooks—as The Darjeeling Limited brothers keep track of their own—to remember every moment of your travels.

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Boot Edition Memo Notebook Pads

Field Notes x LL Bean
Field Notes x LL Bean Boot Edition 3 Pack Memo Notebook Pads $21.00

Moonrise Kingdom isn't just the story of first loves during childhood, but also of adventure and curiosity (with a hint of scout survival skills). Get inspired by the film with your own Boot Edition field notebooks: With a three-pack, you'll get to take two of your friends along for the ride.

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Secret Club Explore Key Tag

Goodlife Key Tags
Goodlife Key Tags Secret Club Explore Key Tag $8.00

You may not be embarking on a camping trip without an end date, but you can still take the spirit of the trails along with you wherever you go (even if you're not off on a trip to a cabin). Get the Moonrise Kingdom vibe with secret club explore key tags—and never lose track of the important things.

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Woven Wool Throw

Schoolhouse Electric
Schoolhouse Electric Woven Wool Throw $249.00

Some of Moonrise Kingdom's most iconic scenes take place in picnics on the shore of the lake, characterized by the main character's favorite (and sometimes questionable) picks for necessary camping items. Even if you don't decide to bring your cat—which we wouldn't usually recommend—you'll certainly want a hearty picnic throw blanket to take in the great outdoors from a cozy setting.

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Cruiser Deluxe Turntable

Crosley Cruiser Deluxe Turntable $70.00

We wouldn't want to trek through the woods with an entire turntable in our bags, but this portable record player by Crosley embodies the spirit of the film's retro camping trip. If you don't have a vintage tape player on hand, bring the vibe of Moonrise Kingdom to your home with your favorite tunes on vinyl.

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National Park Map

ConsiderGraphics National Park Map $25.00

The landscape is everything in Moonrise Kingdom, and this vintage national park map looks as if it could be pulled directly from the film's set. Display the print in your space to add an inviting cabin vibe, and don't forget the push pins to mark the places you've adventured (and to plan your next destination, of course).

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Hand Painted Walnut Paddle

Pendleton Hand Painted Walnut Paddle $300.00

You can't have a canoe without a paddle, and this special piece of décor from Moonrise Kingdom can find its own place in your home. Hang a hand-painted walnut paddle on your walls, lean it on a bookshelf, or style it above an open door frame to act as a statement piece in any room—and always be ready to pull it down when it's time to take a trip to the lake.