Pick Your Favorite Wes Anderson Film—We Tell You Where to Travel

With Isle of Dogs, the latest Wes Anderson movie, released on Friday, it's tempting to rewatch all our favorite classics from the director. From the magical landscapes of India in The Darjeeling Limited to the historic red brick townhouse of The Royal Tenenbaums, or the majestic hotel in The Grand Budapest Hotel, Wes Anderson has a knack for transporting its audience to candy-colored universes that exist only in the film director's imagination.

But as one clever Instagram profile has discovered, there are many places in the world that would make a great backdrop for a Wes Anderson film. @AccidentallyWesAnderson, one of our favorite new accounts, is a visual feast of buildings, rooms, and other structures that could very well blend into a film from the famed director that also provides little tidbits of information on the location—should you want to ever visit. Did you get swept away by the charm of the Boy Scout camp in Moonrise Kingdom? Are you a die-hard Steve Zissou fan? We have the perfect travel destination for you.

If you liked The Darjeeling Limited…

Wes Anderson Movies Travel

Visit the Raj Mahal Palace in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.

Built in 1729 as a garden resort and private palace for H.H Sawai Jai Singh II's wife, Raj Mahal Palace has a rich history, having hosted notable guests such as Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, The Duke of Edinburgh, Jackie Kennedy, Lord and Lady Mountbatten, and the Shah of Iran. It's located in the heart of Jaipur, Rajasthan's capital.

If you liked Moonrise Kingdom…


Visit the Little Chalet Motel in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada.

Located along Canada's Highway 1 in Manitoba, the Little Chalet Motel is comprised of 18 tiny individual bungalows, dating from the 1950s. The Moonrise Kingdom–esque motel, which could easily double as a Boy Scout camp in a Wes Anderson movie, underwent a complete renovation in 2014. 

If you liked The Grand Budapest Hotel…

Wes Anderson

Visit Gottesaue Palace in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Dating from the 16th century, Gottesaue Palace in Karlsruhe near Stuttgart has had an eventful history, getting destroyed a number of times in fires and times of war. It stayed in ruins for a number of years before being reconstructed for the Karlsruhe University of Music in 1982.

If you liked The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou…

@AccidentallyWesAnderson Instagram

Visit the Rimini Molo Lighthouse in Rimini, Italy.

Vaguely reminiscent of Steve Zissou's submarine, the Rimini Molo Lighthouse in Northern Italy was built in 1914. It sits on the western coast of Italy, overlooking the Adriatic Sea, just a short drive away from San Marino and Bologna. Rimini is a popular seaside resort town with a nine-mile-long sandy beach and thousands of hotels, bars, and restaurants.

If you liked The Royal Tenenbaums…

Wes Anderson Movies Destinations

Visit the State Historical Museum in Moscow, Russia.

Like an overdramatic version of the Royal Tenenbaum house (located in Harlem, New York City), the State Historical Museum in Moscow was built in 1872. Its exhibitions feature relics of prehistoric tribes all the way to works from present-day Russia—many acquired by members of the Romanov dynasty. It's located next to Moscow's famous Red Square.

If you liked Isle of Dogs…

Wes Anderson Instagram Account

Visit the Heidelberg Mountain Railway in Heidelberg, Germany.

Built in 1890 as a two-section funicular railway in Heidelberg, Germany, the Heidelberg Mountain Railway connects Kornmarkt, Heidelberg Castle, Molkenkur, and Königstuhl, a nearby mountain. It was completely refurbished in 2005, with new wooden bodies on the trains based on the original design.

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