West Elm's Faux Plants and Flowers Look Like the Real Thing

A blue walled room with blue chairs and two artificial flower arrangements.

West Elm

Indoor plants are celebrated not only for the vibrance they bring to our homes but also for their sculptural beauty. A houseplant is often the last finishing touch to complete the "look" in a space, but it can be difficult to keep up with plant parenting if you don't have a green thumb.

Thankfully, West Elm's faux plants are here. As the perfect foil for an all-white interior, or to display a finicky statement species like fiddle leaf figs without the hassle, fake plants are great for simple décor and lively style alike. So if plants are the must-have of your home, you don't have to worry about nurturing an indoor garden year-round: West Elm's décor is surprisingly convincing, as the company can fool even the most eagle-eyed plant lover with their hand-painted and silkscreened varieties. Trust us, this faux foliage will trigger some serious double—and triple—takes.

Below, discover a bounty of West Elm's best faux plants that look insanely real (and perfect for sprucing up your space).

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Fiddle-Leaf Fig

An artificial fiddle leaf fig tree in a white pot.
West Elm Faux Fiddle-Leaf Fig Plant $200

The West Elm fiddle leaf fig's silk-screened, waxy leaves are just that: waxed polyester, connected to bendable plastic-coated branches. A white midcentury-style plastic pot with styrofoam "soil" makes it all the more convincing. Style yours near a window for the classic look, or place it in a dark hallway to save the sunny areas inside for your living species.

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Pilea Peperomioides

faux pilea peperomioides
West Elm Faux Potted Pilea Peperomioides $50

This faux pilea peperomioides, is just as gorgeous as the real thing. Perhaps it's even more so without the upkeep—and we're not worried about accidentally killing this plant. With a gorgeous and realistic leaves, West Elm's faux varieties could easily be convinced for the real thing.

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Snake Plant

A faux snake plant in a ceramic tan and white pot.
West Elm Faux Snake Plant $70

This artificial snake plant doesn't come with a pot, but thankfully, West Elm's store is filled with plenty of unique plant pots for all styles. While live snake plants are commonly regarded for their easy-growing properties, they still require a decent amount of attention (and if you're the traveling type, you may have trouble keeping one alive between trips). This pretty, faux version is just as sculptural—and definitely impossible to kill.

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Palm Leaf Branch

Two faux Palm Leaf Branches in a tall clear vase.
West Elm Faux Palm Leaf Branch $25

Enjoy a taste of the tropics year-round with an artificial majesty palm frond. One branch is convincing enough to bolster a fresh-cut flower arrangement on its own. Style your faux leaves in a tall vase, and opt for ceramic styles for an extra-convincing effect.

To style a full faux palm tree look from single leaves, choose about three sets of leaves, attach them together at the base, then place them as deep from the soil line as possible in a pot for a sturdy arrangement.

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A single artificial Monstera Leaf inside a tall glass vase.
West Elm Faux Monstera Leaf $17

Monstera, nicknamed the Swiss cheese plant, is so known for the pretty holes that form within its waxy, wide leaves. But this delicate, beautiful species is known to be temperamental, (and you also need to wash its leaves regularly). Luckily, West Elm's artificial monstera sends off tropical vibes without being finicky about its adjacency to the sun in a too-dark apartment.

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King Protea Plant Stem

An artificial king protea flower in a white geometric vase.
West Elm Faux King Protea Plant Stem $40

The flowering Protea plant, or Sugarbush (as it's commonly known in its native South Africa), represents change and hope and is the country's national flower. Bring some of those positive vibes into your space with this pretty, white King Protea that's fully in bloom. Style an arrangement of flowers into a year-round bouquet, or enjoy it as low-maintenance greenery in a single vase.

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Queen Anne's Lace Plant Stem

A faux Queen Anne's Lace flower stem.
West Elm Faux Queen Anne's Lace Plant Stem $30

Queen Anne's Lace, or wild carrot, has a small, dark purple center, and is a biennial wildflower herb that originally came from Europe. This species was named for the avid tatter Queen Anne of England. As an artificial rendition, this decorative plant will stay fresh forever with its ultra-realistic long stems, dill-like fronds, and delicate white flowers.

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Calla Lily Leaves

A grouping of artificial calla lily leaves in a clear vase full of fake water.
West Elm Faux Calla Lily Leaves in Vase $190

Sometimes a simple vase full of greenery is just what a space needs to make it feel polished and "done." These Calla Lily stems come inside a tall vase, and look at once both understated and sophisticated. Bonus: you'll never have to freshen their water or propagate them into pots.

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