The #1 Thing Every Editor Wants From West Elm Right Now


Courtesy of West Elm

West Elm just released a ton of new products, and amid the gorgeous watercolor rugs and leather sofas, our editors have their sights set on one thing: the brand's elegant new glass pendant lights. We've seen orb lighting emerge as a home décor trend over the past year, and West Elm's latest iteration takes it one step further. Picture elongated pebble-shaped pendants and clusters of curved lighting in shades of champagne, dusty blush, and smoke. 

Unsure how to style them? Available in nine shapes with 10 different glass colors and priced from $99 each, they're best grouped in odd numbers at varied heights. Position them over a dining table or seating area to create an ambient social space or opt for a single light on either side of your bed as an alternative to sconces.

Shop our favorite glass pendant lights from West Elm's latest drop.

How would you style West Elm's new pendant lights at home?