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This Little-Known West Elm Section Is Our Favorite Spot to Shop

Pantry Candlesticks on table.

West Elm

With the holidays upon us, it can be easy to place an order at a fast-fashion site and receive your package within two days. But, choosing to shop small this season has a huge impact on those you choose to support. Small business owners handle every order with care—and your small order can mean more to them than you can imagine, especially after a trying year. 

If you’re looking for the perfect place to show a little love to small businesses and talented artisans, we have just the spot for you: the West Elm local makers section. This hidden gem known as West Elm LOCAL uses West Elm’s platform to aid makers and designers in growing their businesses—and better yet, the site highlights Black-owned businesses specializing in everything from custom ceramics to one-of-a-kind textiles

These are some of our favorite finds from West Elm LOCAL so you can support and shop alongside us.

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Bolé Road Textiles Pillow

Textile Pillow in Afar.

West Elm

Founder of Bolé Road Textiles Hana Getachew creates stunning home textiles in collaboration with Ethiopian artisans. This Afar Pillow is handwoven from 100% cotton and makes for a gorgeous, room-brightening statement.

Pillow in Afar.
Bolé Road Textiles Pillow in Afar $215.00
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UNWRP Wrapping Paper Pack

UNWRP Wrapping Paper.

West Elm

This luxe wrapping paper is designed in Brooklyn, New York by local maker Ashley Fouyolle, who is the founder of UNWRP, a company specializing in sustainable stationary, wrapping paper and other home goods.

Red Ankara Wrapping Paper.
UNWRP Wrapping Paper in Red Ankara $18.00
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Curiosity Lab Actually Curious Card Game

Actually Curious Card Game.

West Elm

This sweet card game sets out to spread empathy by asking deep and meaningful questions to its players. Michael Tennat, the maker of Actually Curious, is on a mission to fight divisiveness and hopes users will discuss important topics without defenses. 

Actually Curious Card Game.
Curiosity Lab Actually Curious Card Game $25.00
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Farmhouse Pottery Pantry Candlesticks

Pantry Candlesticks on table.

West Elm

These stunning candlesticks would be the perfect addition to your dining room table or fireplace mantel. Located in Woodstock, Vermont, Farmhouse Pottery aims to connect people to a more sustainable lifestyle that values the farmers and makers at the heart of it all.

Pantry Candlesticks set.
Farmhouse Pottery Pantry Candlesticks $435.00
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Happy Habitat Recycled Cotton India Throw

Happy Habitat India Throw.

Happy Habitat

The softest accent to your bed or sofa, the India Throw by Happy Habitat is a must-buy if you’re in the market for a new blanket. Karrie Dean, founder of Happy Habitat, created the company to pursue her longtime love of art, with every order carefully handcrafted in New Jersey.

India Cotton throw.
Happy Habitat Recycled Cotton India Throw $165.00
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btw Ceramics Catchalls

Catchalls by btw Ceramics.

btw Ceramics

How chic is this catchall? This piece would look stunning atop any entryway table or dresser and is handmade in California by btw Ceramics, where designer Brook T. Winfrey embraces each piece’s irregularities—no two are the same.

Torrent Catchall.
btw Ceramics Torrent Catchall $30.00
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Gabrielle Silverlight Arch Vessel

Arch Vessel

Gabrielle Silverlight

Curved vases are enjoying a major moment in the spotlight right now, and this adorable handcrafted piece fits in just right. Maker Gabrielle Silverlight creates organic ceramics in Philadelphia that are equally unique and functional.

Arched Vessel by Gabrielle Silverlight
Gabrielle Silverlight Arch Vessel $150.00
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Nickel Designs Hand-Painted Doormat

Hello Beautiful Doormat in front of yellow door.

Nickel Designs

We see these quirky doormats all over big box retailers’ sites, but this doormat was hand-painted and crafted by Nicole Jones of Nickel Designs in Costa Mesa, California, making it extra special and extra high-quality.

Hello Beautiful doormat.
Nickel Designs Hand-Painted Doormat in Hello Beautiful $43.00
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Closed Mondays Hanging Planter

Closed Mondays Hanging Planter

Closed Mondays

Who doesn’t love an adorable hanging planter? Bekka Palmer and the team at Closed Mondays craft baskets—and create miniature versions for these planters—at their studio in Brooklyn, New York.

Hanging Basket Planters
Closed Mondays Hanging Planter $62,102.00
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Sunwoven Wall Hanging

Earth Wall Hanging


This incredibly intricate tapestry is handwoven by Erin Barret of Sunwoven using a lap loom in her South Carolina home studio. Knowing the love and tender care that went into creating this product makes it all the more beautiful.

Wall Hanging - Earth
Sunwoven Wall Hanging in Earth $210.00