3 of MyDomaine's New York Editors Own This Floor Mirror

Updated 05/10/19
Best Floor Mirror

Living in New York is not without its challenges, to say the least. But if you were to ask the MyDomaine team about the best small-space decorating hack, apparently our unanimous advice would be to buy a floor mirror. Upon receiving my new metal-framed floor mirror in brass from West Elm (pictured above) earlier this week, my MyDomaine colleagues and I realized we all had the exact same one.

Senior editor Sophie Miura made the addition when redecorating her East Village apartment with the help of Decorist interior designer Jeremiah Brent while editor Gabrielle Savoie purchased it when she moved to New York almost three years ago. I recently stumbled upon the find when looking for one simple piece to take up wall space in my Bushwick, Brooklyn, bedroom, without adding unnecessary clutter. Though I've only had the mirror for two days, I'm obsessed—it makes my room feel double the size, to Brent's original point.

"Not only does [a floor mirror] create the illusion of a larger space, but it also reflects light to brighten up the room even more," he told MyDomaine during Miura's apartment renovation. "A mirror maximizes a room's space and light, but it also doubles whatever is in the room," he explains. "You always want the mirror to reflect a clean, beautiful space, so keep it minimal. A large statement mirror is already a focal point of a room, so focus on decorating a different area to avoid unnecessary clutter." Below, read up on why each of us chose the mirror, where it lives in our spaces, and why we love it.

Senior Editor Sophie Miura, East Village, Manhattan

"My living room only has one source of natural light, so when I added the two large leaning mirrors, it completely transformed the space. They add height next to the low coffee table and sofa, create symmetry on either side of the French doors, and create an optical illusion so the room appears bigger than it actually is. I also love the hint of brushed brass—it gives the otherwise gray and neutral room some warmth."

Lifestyle News Editor Kelsey Clark, Bushwick, Brooklyn

I ditched my shoebox of an East Village apartment in favor of more space in Brooklyn and found myself facing a decorating challenge I never anticipated in New York: having too much space. I have a big closet and plenty of storage (my Article storage bench has been a game changer), so I didn't want to buy a big wall shelf or unnecessary knickknacks just to take up space. I found a win-win in this mirror: It takes up the open wall space in a sleek, minimalistic way, and it's practical; I use it every day. I'm still searching for a bigger vintage rug to go in front of it, but so far, I'm loving my little "getting ready" area.

Editor Gabrielle Savoie, East Village, Manhattan

"I live in an East Village studio that's spatially challenged, to say the least. I needed a full-length mirror for practical purposes, but I picked this one because of its generous proportions and simple brass finish. I love the way it has opened up my petite space and how it reflects the very little amount of natural light that streams in from my north-facing window. It made a huge difference in my space."

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