This Is How a Cool Young Painter Decorates Her West Hollywood Condo

Combine a young artist with an eye for fine art and a designer who's unafraid of bold colors, and you're guaranteed to get a space that's entirely fearless and bold. When Quinn, 28, an artist and clinical psychology graduate student, purchased her West Hollywood condo, it hadn't been updated in decades—the kitchen was small, pokey and windowless, and the space lacked both vibrancy and modern convenience. In order to transform the bland space into an apartment that would reflect her eclectic taste, she called on the help of Caitlin Murray, principal at Black Lacquer Design.

"I geeked out over how positively responsive Quinn was to all of my suggestions that might take other clients a bit of convincing to digest," the designer told MyDomaine. "Quinn had a few amazing pieces of art, but otherwise, the project was carte blanche." Taking hints from West Hollywood's glam nature and her client's impressive art collection, she was able to create a space that was bold and eye-catching. Take the tour and get a taste for bold décor at its best.