This West Village Studio Looks Way Bigger Than 242 Square Feet

The definition of a small space might differ from city to city, but no matter where you live, there's no denying that a 242-square-foot apartment is tight, even by Manhattan standards. That's exactly the square footage Jourdan and Tobin Ludwig had to work with when decorating their West Village studio.

The size of the apartment wasn't the biggest challenge though. When the couple started renovating, Jourdan was booked on a multi-city work trip, leaving her then-boyfriend Tobin to take the lead. "Tobin would FaceTime me in for tile selection at HomeDepot, [and] send me pictures of drawings of his designs and layouts," she says, noting that they had only been dating for a few months at the time. "Looking back, if we didn't have that blindly intoxicating new love the project would have probably all fallen apart. I basically came home from tour to a completely finished, beautiful apartment—and decided Tobin was the man I was meant to marry."

The apartment is clearly a labor of love. Every inch has been maximized and every detail considered, from the genius fold-out bed to a hidden dining table that turns the bedroom into a dining area. The best part? The couple is ready to part with their gorgeous home and has listed the abode on StreetEasy for $499,000. Take a look inside the smartly designed studio that could be your new home. 

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