What Exactly Are Adaptogens? Lauren Conrad's Nutritionist Breaks It Down

Happy Wednesday! Welcome back to our Take 5 column, where we invite you to take a hump-day break with the week’s most revitalizing lifestyle stories. Ready for a breather?



Isabella Behravan for Byrdie; Original Illustration by Stephanie DeAngelis

Lauren Conrad is breaking it down for you. The lifestyle blog spoke with holistic nutritionist Kelly LeVeque about these powerful Chinese herbs that claim to "help your body adapt to stress, maintain hormonal balance, and resist fatigue."

This is not a drill: Harvard University is offering a free online architecture course called The Architectural Imagination. While it won't give you the hard skills you need to become an architect, it's an inspiring introduction into the world of building design.

In case you missed it, Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference was this week, and the iconic brand rolled out a Siri-powered speaker (similar to the Amazon Echo) dubbed the HomePod, exciting details about iOS 11, and more.

Congratulations! And we welcome your thoughts on the newest (admittedly questionable) trend: the succulent cake. These desert-inspired cakes and cupcakes have been popping up on Instagram, with pastry chefs leading the charge. But are they wedding-worthy?

Don't worry: PureWow has curated a summer reading list based on the now-iconic novel and addictive HBO miniseries. These mysterious page-turners will give you your Big Little Lies fix as you await Season 2.

The wellness world has a new drink obsession: kava, the mind-altering root-based drink that's popping up in Manhattan restaurants and yoga retreats. Well+Good has the full scoop.