Why This Gut-Healthy, Nutrient-Rich Supplement Belongs in Your Medicine Cabinet

Here at MyDomaine headquarters, we've been known to pose some intriguing questions when it comes to the topic of gut health. Can probiotics really improve your mood? What diet do doctors who study the digestive system follow? Are gut health and anxiety linked? Should you take a probiotic supplement even if you don't have gut issues?

To answer that last question, we turned to Ara Katz, co-founder and co-CEO of Seed, a company that's reinventing the way we think about the microbiome, to learn more about the benefits of probiotics. "While probiotics are typically associated with GI and digestive health, they can perform or enhance a variety of other roles critical to our health," the forward-thinking entrepreneur told MyDomaine.

Ahead, Katz breaks down the benefits of probiotics that will make you want to clear some space in your medicine cabinet for a supplement that promotes a healthy microbiome. Keep scrolling to learn more about the role probiotics play in our overall health, the myths about the microbiome you shouldn't buy into, and the one thing everyone should know about gut health.