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5 Designers on What Brings Them Joy at Home

finding joy at home kitchen

desiree burns interiors

Most of our time is spent in our homes, from relaxing and sleeping to eating and cleaning. It's no surprise then, that our homes have immense power to shape us and influence our mood. Just as a cluttered home can bring a sense of chaos, so can a carefully-curated home fill us with nostalgia and joy.

Bringing joy into your home can be anything from bringing in a piece of art that brings back memories, to a practice that helps you slow down. We talked with five designers to find out what brings them joy in their homes, some of which might inspire you in your own home.

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Finishing Touches in the Bedroom

wall baskets in bedroom

Danielle Rose Design Co

Adding a touch of something special can go a long way in the bedroom. These home experts took advantage of their bedroom walls and made them their own.

"One of my most joyful pieces are my collection of wall baskets. These handwoven pieces fill up the wall above my bed in such a beautiful and impactful way. The natural texture and neutral colors make these baskets extremely versatile and a great way to fill up a large open wall!" says Danielle Chiprut, founder and interior designer at Danielle Rose Design Co.

"The wallpaper in my bedroom brings me a massive amount of joy," says Michelle Gage, founder and creative director at Michelle Gage Interior Design. "It’s wall to wall and a very large room, so it makes a big statement."

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Repurposing Furniture

finding joy at home bedroom

rikki snyder

When it comes to finding joy in your home, you don't need to head to the store to find it. Kelsey Haywood, founder of haywoodmade, likes to shop her own home first.

"[Something] that brings me joy is sitting on the bench we have at the end of our bed," Haywood says. "It used to be in our entry and, as I do with client’s homes, I shopped my own house for a way to switch things up. It just feels like it belongs better in our primary. Sometimes that overlooked piece of furniture can serve a greater purpose elsewhere!"

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Lots of Lighting

natural light in kitchens

cortney mcclure design

Outdoor light can easily affect our mood and the way we view spaces around us, so it's no surprise that indoor light can do the same.

"When building our home, I made sure that we would have adequate natural lighting throughout the day," says Cortney McClure, founder and interior designer at Cortney McClure Design. "I love lamplight in the evening, but natural lighting during the day brings me joy and comfort in a different way than artificial light."

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Carefully Collected Art

artwork on stairs

michelle gage interior design

The collections that you curate are a great way to foster a sense of joy in your home. Every time you see the collection, whatever it may be, you're reminded of the journey it took to find these items and the story behind each piece.

"The artwork up my stairs bring me joy," says Gage. "I have collected these portraits all over the world—some at international flea markets, others closer to home. Art in general makes me smile and think about past travel."

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A Home Made to Live In

livable nursery and family home

Cortney McClure Design

There's no way for your space to bring you joy if you're constantly worried about keeping it tidy or perfectly styled. Make sure your home is made for your needs, and don't try to have it be something it isn't.

"Having a beautiful home is important to me, but even more important is the livability of our house for my family," says McClure.

"The most joyful thing about my home is that my kids can be kids, running up and down the halls, making the inevitable messes, and spending quality time together without having to worry about things being untidy. The comfortable and well-loved feel of our home is what brings me the most joy."

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Morning Practices

morning practices in kitchen

desiree burns interiors

The mornings are crucial part of each day, so it's important to get them right. Consider implementing morning practices that bring you joy or help you slow down, just like these home experts did.

"I love taking time to have my morning cup of tea. It's my time to decompress before starting a busy workday," says Desiree Burns, founder and interior designer at Desiree Burns Interiors.

Chiprut agrees. "Our small countertop espresso machine brings me infinite amounts of joy on a daily basis, and is the star of mine and my husband's morning routine. We take turns crafting lattes for one another and has become one of our favorite rituals. Our go-to is an oat milk iced latte!"