This Is What Powerful Businesswomen All Have in Common


Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images

Grace Bonney, creator of Design*Sponge, has made it her lifelong mission to chronicle the stories of inspiring, successful women. This pursuit led to the writing of her newly released book, In the Company of Women, which sheds a light on the enlightening life paths of businesswomen like writer and activist Nikki Giovanni, director of the Studio Museum in Harlem Thelma Golden, renowned chef Carla Hall, and many more. Bonney, a role model in her own right, recently shared her thoughts on her book in an op-ed for Elle, revealing the one belief these highly successful women all share in the process.  

"What I found myself most inspired by was [the women's] willingness to discuss failures and a single uniting thread: all of these amazing women have realized that the concept of work/life balance does not exist," writes Bonney. "It wasn't until I heard these women I so admired (who I viewed as having it 'all figured out') admit that there was no ideal balance to be found, that I realized we all shared the same cycle of feeling like we weren't spending enough time at home or at work."

Instead, Bonney found that these women had let the concept of a work/life balance go entirely, focusing on celebrating all they'd already achieved and accepting the fact that work and life are always changing. "We will always need to adjust ourselves, and our businesses, accordingly. Our goal should be progress, not stasis," she concludes. "Progress requires change, adjustment and self-reflection, and the greatest service we can do for ourselves is to accept change and embrace it head-on."

Do you agree with Bonney's realization? How do you approach work/life balance? Share your thoughts below!