7 Trends Interior Designers Are Ditching Come October

a living room with blue sofa
Amy Bartlam

This is borderline blasphemous, but we have to admit it: We're ready to transition our homes for fall. Don't get us wrong, we love the sunny shades and breezy linens that come with summer, but we're ready to fully embrace the cozy textiles and moody hues that mark the beginning of fall. Naturally, the major home décor authorities have stocked their shelves with the season's latest offerings, which begs the question: What items are those ahead of the curve adding to their shopping carts now that fall is upon us?

To find out, we tapped seven interior designers for insider insight into the trends to shop and the trends to skip this October. With thoughts on everything from the cozy throws that'll make any space more inviting to the best paint colors for fall, there's plenty of inspiration for embracing the season's most coveted trends, big and small, ahead. Keep scrolling to discover exactly which trends the pros are buying into this fall(and which they're holding off on).

Emily Henderson

a living room with patterned pillows on a white couch
Sara Tramp for EHD

Shop: "It might sound cliché but one of the biggest trends this year is timelessness. After the big trends of boho, maximalism, and bright, saturated colors, classic is back. (Was it ever gone?) We are talking classic shapes with refined features, inviting curves, and cozy and textured textiles. It's something that feels homey, fresh, and elegant all while staying timeless and approachable."

Skip: "After seeing the market saturated with faux everything (faux industrial, faux boho, faux rustic) I am willing to say that it is time to skip those items and instead head to the antique marts, vintage fleas and consignment stores to find the real deal. There is so much out there that is in wonderful condition, and those vintage items are what bring soul and personality to a room."

Threshold Faux Mohair Buffalo Check Throw Blanket
Threshold Faux Mohair Buffalo Check Throw Blanket $30
Threshold Hadley 56.2
Thresold Hadley 56.2" Library Cabinet with Glass $200

Katie Hodges

kitchen table with window bench and patterned pillows
Amy Bartlam

Shop: "I've noticed that over the years, my clients have become less trend-focused and more concerned with the longevity of their designs. While none of us really know which trend is more lasting than the other, an earth-toned color palette with varied textures seems to have withstood the test of time. When designing with this color palette, try to think of your outcome as a 'sum of multiple parts,' rather than just trying to find one piece that 'makes' the room. There is usually one quiet hero piece, with all other items serving their important supporting actor roles, working harmoniously for a common good. Opt for at least one vintage and/or textural piece, and always remember that contrast is your best friend."

Skip: "While I can appreciate the courage of a brightly hued sofa, it's a look that's incredibly difficult to pull off, even for seasoned designers. Especially with the rise of fast-fashion furnishings, these pieces walk the line of looking temporary and lacking quality. If not selected carefully, colored sofas with modern silhouettes are quickest to date and most difficult to pair with other furnishings. If you're dead set on this design statement, opt for a more classic shape like the English-roll arm, or a tailored tuxedo sofa."

Katie Hodges Irene pillow
Katie Hodges Irene $250
Katie Hodges Ali pillow
Katie Hodges Ali $275

Tali Roth

a casual dining area with art decorating the walls
Genevieve Garruppo

Shop: "Cane. It's timeless and can be used in any application (bedhead, chairs, coffee tables, storage pieces). I like it because it's an old furniture style that is having a moment, but I like old things as they make you feel nostalgic. Do not go filling your whole space with it, otherwise, you will tire of it."

Skip: "I think we have well and truly exhausted the baby pink trend. I think its been a good few years of it everywhere, and, don't get me wrong, I will always love pink, but I think we all need a little break from it."

Urban Outfitters Marte Lounge Chair
Urban Outfitters Marte Lounge Chair $379 $349
CB2 Suri Cane Desk
CB2 Suri Cane Desk $999

Stefani Stein

living room with lavender couch
Tessa Neustadt

Shop: "I'm really excited by vintage Gucci right now—both in fashion and furnishings. It is especially fantastic in combination with upholstery pieces with unexpected lines or sinuous curves. Whether I'm curating a minimal or a layered look, I love the resurgence of character and personality I'm seeing in vintage pieces at the moment."

Skip: "I'm ready to say goodbye to spaces that only incorporate light or blonde wood finishes. I love white oak, cane, and rattan, but a single wooden finish on all the pieces throughout a space is feeling a little overdone for me right now."

Gucci Vintage Lucite Deck of Cards Folding Serving Tray
Gucci Vintage Lucite Deck of Cards Folding Serving Tray $3175
Lawson Fenning Huxley Sofa
Lawson Fenning Huxley Sofa $3850

Nicole Gibbons

bedroom with deep blue walls
Courtesy of Clare

Shop: "I'm seeing more people into bold color these days! One of our best-selling paint colors at Clare is a moody and dramatic green called Current Mood. Another color people are loving is a bold blue called Hyperlink."

Skip: "While it's always somewhat timeless and I don't think this it's necessarily a trend, I've been seeing an overabundance of white spaces lately and would love to see more people embrace color."

Clare Current Mood
Clare Current Mood $49
Clare Hyperlink
Clare Hyperlink $49

Caroline Grant and Dolores Suarez

a lived-in living room with two sofas facing each other
Brittany Ambridge

Shop: "We believe people are moving more in the direction of this lived-in feeling at home. We do this by mixing styles and giving walls texture and pattern through wallpaper and fabrics and having the furniture be clean and simple but adding those pillows and throws. We love mixing styles. For example, you can use vintage feeling wallpapers, fabrics, and lighting in a space that feels unplaceable and timeless."

Skip: "People are veering away from spaces that feel overly done and too designed. They want a more authentic lived-in space that is comfortable yet still interesting."

L'aviva Home Agave Lantern
L'aviva Home Agave Lantern $1975
Anthropologie Integral Indoor/Outdoor Pillow
Anthropologie Integral Indoor/Outdoor Pillow $128

Shea McGee

a side table decorated with ceramic pieces
Kate Osborne

Shop: "A trend I'd like to shop is everything with a ceramic texture. Whether it's a handmade pot or glazed tile, I just can't get enough of their perfect imperfections!"

Skip: "I think I'm going to skip out on excessive fringed pillows. I like a tassel or accent mixed in, but I think there is such a thing as too much. One fringe pillow is great, but maybe not the entire sofa."

Studio McGee Gaios Table Lamp
Studio McGee Gaios Table Lamp $569
Studio McGee Ceramic Pedestal Bowl
Studio McGee Ceramic Pedestal Bowl $54

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