The Way You Answer This Question Can Predict Your Success


Don Arnold/Getty Images

"What do you want?" On the surface, this appears to be a simple question. But a closer inspection of the thought processes that belie this simple question would tell you otherwise. As discussed by My Body+Soul's Jon Low, people often consider a multitude of other questions when thinking about what they want. When ordering off the menu at lunch, for example, your thought process may go something like this: Is that unhealthy? Can I afford it? What will people think of me? 

Without even trying or pausing to realize it, our response to "what do you want?" is "often distorted by what we think we deserve or can have, and what people would think or deem as acceptable," writes Low. Unfortunately, this way of thinking follows us far beyond the lunch counter. "We do it in deciding what we want for our lives as a whole—personally, interpersonally, and professionally." This is where problems arise—if you're constantly considering what others want instead of what you want, you're essentially creating a road block for yourself. 

Instead, try asking yourself the following questions to make your intentions crystal clear: How am I going to get this? What will having this do for me? When, where, and with whom do you want it? By clearly articulating your thoughts and desires, you're setting yourself up for success.

How do you make a habit of clearly stating your intentions? Pick up this book on intention-setting, and share your thoughts in the comments.