14 In-Season Fruits and Veggies to Eat Now


Original illustration by Stephanie DeAngelis

It's rare to find diet advice that nutrition and health experts unanimously agree on. Thanks to the barrage of bizarre celebrity fads, separating fact from fiction can seem like a minefield, but there's one approach that continues to receive praise, regardless of trends: seasonal eating. 

Seasonal eating, the practice of filling your fridge with fruit and vegetables that are naturally abundant at that time of year, champions a back-to-basics approach that relies on nature to make our diet decisions. There's no carb-cutting or calorie counting here; the harvests ensure your diet is varied and packed with essential nutrients.

It might sound overly simplistic, but this approach to healthy eating has serious merit. Seasonal produce is harvested after it has naturally ripened, so food is fresher, tastier, and even has a higher nutritional value. Some antioxidants like vitamin C and folate decline when food is stored for long periods of time, so this farm-to-table approach ensures your diet is as nature intended. Bonus: It's also cheaper and better for the environment. 

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