A Cardiologist Weighs In on What Just One Fatty Meal Does to Your Body

Updated 05/07/19
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With so many diets coming in and out of fashion, it's difficult to keep track of the health trend du jour and even harder to stay updated on how nutritionists are weighing in. Fatty foods have taken on a surprising repositioning in terms of how they're perceived in the health world, with books like Eat Fat, Get Thin and a cardiologist promoting a high-fat diet in The New York Times. However, in a recent article in Mind Body Green, Joel Kahn, MD, a cardiologist and the author of The Whole Heart Solution, warns about the accuracy of these claims about fat and suggests people consider the following fat-related health facts before adopting a high-fat diet.

The following are just three of the things that happen to your body after eating one fatty meal.

Artery health. In one study referenced by Kahn, healthy volunteers who ate a single high-fat meal demonstrated a dramatic drop in arterial health and function for a full four hours after.

Bacterial toxin release. A single meal high in saturated fat has been shown in one study to release dangerous endotoxins—that can contribute to obesity and other diseases—in otherwise healthy volunteers.

Blood clotting. There are multiple studies demonstrating the correlation between fatty meals and the increase of blood clots, including one that found that the tendency to clot increased when healthy volunteers consumed fatty meals rich in saturated fat.

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