The "Biggest Cosmic Event in North America" Is Next Week—What It Means for You


Original Illustration by Stephanie DeAngelis

A total solar eclipse is happening on August 21, and people around the U.S. are bracing themselves for what Bustle has called "the biggest cosmic event in North America." For those of us who aren't astronomy (or astrology) experts, NASA offers a clear description of exactly what it involves: A solar eclipse is an event where the moon completely covers the sun, leaving only a halo-like ring called a corona visible around the sun.

For those who check their star sign religiously, this is a huge deal: Astrology experts believe this solar eclipse will have a very real impact on your relationship, finances, and career. What's more, it will take place while Mercury is in retrograde, which, according to astrology, marks a time when communication and using technology becomes more difficult than usual.

Curious to know what the upcoming solar eclipse might have in store for you? Here's what Bustle says you can expect:

  • If you're an Aries, this month may awaken your creative spirit and cause positive changes in romantic areas of your life.
  • The Taurus will be met with great changes as the eclipse creates new beginnings in your personal life and family dynamic (according to Astrology King, "you're likely to get what you want").
  • For the Gemini, the eclipse might cause you to move through August quickly as you let go of the past and focus on building new relationships and partnerships.
  • If you're a Cancer, this is finally the time to achieve your goals and focus on your career or a new project.
  • The Leo will have a start fresh and feel like entering a new chapter in life. Get ready to leave the past in the past.
  • Now is the time for a Virgo to self-reflect and looks for balance in all aspects of life (don't be afraid to slow down).
  • If you're a Libra, this time could positively affect your energy when it comes to friends and group projects, so think about collaboration and times to delegate.
  • For the Scorpio, the eclipse may cause you to face suppressed issues and look for a new direction when it comes to your goals.
  • This eclipse could act as another new year for a Saggitarius, and you might finally find that perfect balance between responsibilities and pleasure.
  • If you're a Capricorn, this month will be about discovering new ways to share your financial assets.
  • The Aquarius might be met with new partnerships or relationships. According to Cafe Astrology, "This is a phase when you have an increased awareness of the need for someone significant to lean on or rely on."
  • The solar eclipse will be a time of manifestation if you are a Pisces, as you slow things down and become aware of your daily routines to reveal long-term success and happiness.

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