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This Is the Difference Between a Studio and a One-Bedroom Apartment

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Before you start apartment hunting as either a solo dweller or as part of a couple, you should consider whether a studio or one-bedroom apartment is the right choice for you. Both are well suited for one or two people, but depending on your budget and lifestyle, one may have significant advantages over the other. 

The biggest difference between these two styles of apartment is the bedroom situation. One-bedrooms, obviously, have one. Studios, on the other hand, have none. But, the term “studio” sounds a lot more glamorous than “zero-bedroom apartment,” hence the more attractive name.

What is a Studio Apartment?

A studio apartment is a self-contained unit that houses every designated space in a single room, aside from the bathroom. Most include an attached kitchenette area and a separate bathroom.

Layout of a Studio Apartment

A studio apartment is one open space that acts as both a living room and bedroom, and may possibly include a kitchen as well, though not all studio layouts are the same. Some will feature a separate kitchen, and, in newer buildings, some may have extra-large closets that can act as pantry or laundry “rooms.”

There might be some architectural separation between the living and sleeping areas of the room, such as a deep alcove, an elevated platform, or an “L” shaped layout that allows for the bed to be placed out of sight of the main space.

The Perks of a Studio Apartment

A major plus to living in a studio apartment is the price, with monthly rent often a few hundred dollars cheaper than one-bedroom apartments. If you live alone and don’t care much for entertaining, studio apartments can be a fantastic choice, especially if you’re looking for an affordable way to live in a highly desirable location.

Additionally, because they don’t take up a ton of real estate and are more popular with people who live alone rather than those with roommates or a family, it’s much easier to find nice studio apartments on the market than ones with separate bedrooms. If you settle on a studio, you’ll more than likely find yourself with plenty of options to choose from—and a lot more flexibility when it comes to where you live. 

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Should I Choose a One-Bedroom Apartment Instead?

One-bedroom apartments are more well-suited for couples or those who want a bit more space and a clear delineation between spaces. While studios can be a great option for those who are trying to lower their monthly housing budget, the lack of privacy may not be worth the financial savings.

One-bedroom apartments may still feature a combination of a living room and a kitchen with a separate bathroom, but the bedroom area will be separated by walls and a door. In most cities, a room cannot be legally classified as a bedroom unless it has at least one window, so if during your apartment search you come across a windowless bedroom, check with your local zoning board before you sign a lease.