The One "Healthy" Food a Doctor Would Never Eat (It's Not Dairy)

When The Plant Paradox first came across my desk, I almost choked on my lunch. I was eating a Mexican bowl with pinto beans, salad, and tomato salsa. This might sound like a healthy enough midday meal to most of you reading this, but according to world-renowned heart surgeon (and Goop favorite) Steven Gundry, MD, beans are one of the "healthy" foods he's identified as a hidden danger in the U.S. diet causing widespread disease and weight gain. But it's not so much the bean itself, rather the toxic protein hidden inside it and many other plants called lectins.

So what is lectin? Lectins are found in hundreds of common foods like wheat, tomatoes, beans, potatoes, seeds, and more (yep, that's almost everything in my lunch bowl), and Gundry says if you want to heal autoimmune disease, IBS, arthritis, migraines, and brain fog, then you need to "stay away" from them, completely. Slightly skeptical? Intrigued to know more? Yep, we thought so.

Since there's a seven-month waiting list to have a personal consultation with Gundry, we quizzed him on what lectins actually do to the body; what foods we can eat to replace those we cut out; why supplementing our diet is more important than ever (and which ones are the most important to take); and how eating white rice is better for you than brown (crazy, right?). Prepare to have your mind blown.