I Used My Own Blood as an Anti-Aging Serum (It Was Worth the $1400)

This wasn't my first time. Professional lasers have been a crucial part of my skincare regimen ever since I had my son (for reference, he just turned 9). You see, I developed serious melasma during my pregnancy (a form of pigmentation induced by hormones and light), and I treated it with three sessions of IPL (aka intense pulsed light) as soon as I could. But even though that treatment left me with baby smooth, clear skin, unfortunately, once you develop melasma, it never goes away. So I've been on a preventative melasma management plan ever since, which means monthly lactic and salicylic peels, brightening serums, retinol creams, and laser treatments.

Seeing it written down like that makes it seem more labor-intensive than it is, but for me, keeping my skin fit and healthy generates the same feel-good endorphins as a solid workout. True story. So when a colleague told me about the new Regeneo Facial that uses your own blood as an anti-aging, regenerative serum that can improve pigment problems, my intrigue levels piqued to an all time high. I'd heard about the vampire facial before (thanks, Kim Kardashian West), but this procedure didn't involve needles reinjecting my own blood back into my face. Ouch. Rather, it would be used to help heal my skin faster after it was treated with Clear + Brilliant, the popular skin-resurfacing laser. Sign me up.

So I handed my melasma-prone skin over to the very capable and professional hands of Jennifer Herrmann, MD, of the celeb-frequented practice Moy-Fincher-Chipps Dermatology in Beverly Hills, with high hopes, and I wasn't disappointed. Read on to find out what happened to my skin when I had a blood facial.