This New Food Trend is Going to Be Bigger Than Avocado Toast – Here's What to Know

sweet potato toast

The Healthy Avo

Sweet potatoes are the best thing to happen to the world of toast since... well, sliced bread. If you’ve dabbled with a grain-free diet you’ve probably tried them before, but in the event it hasn’t been on your radar, sweet potato toast is exactly what its name implies: slices of sweet potatoes that are made, and used, just like toasted bread. It’s healthy, delicious, easy, versatile — the sort of thing that almost makes you angry you’ve lived so many years without it. Like mermaid toast before it, here's how to make the next big toast trend.

How to Pick Your Sweet Potatoes

The best sweet potatoes to make toast from are large, rounded ones, as they’re easier to cut into thin slices with lots of surface area to spread toppings on. Try to buy fresh sweet potatoes that are smooth on the outside, with taught peels that show no signs of wrinkling; if the peel feels leathery or tears when you rub it with your hands, it’s past its prime and no good for toasting. 

How to Make Sweet Potato Toast

sweet potato toast

Heartfully Nourished

To turn your sweet potato into toast, first wash it well under warm, running water, then peel if desired. (This isn’t necessary, so feel free to skip if you love sweet potato skins.) Use a sharp knife to cut a ¼-inch thick slice off the long end, then put the cut-side face down on your cutting board to stabilize the sweet potato before continuing to cut the rest into ¼-inch thick planks. Alternately, you can do this on a mandolin slicer.

Using a Toaster

If you have a pop-up toaster, turn it to its highest setting, then add your sweet potato slices and toast twice. If you’re worried about whether your toast is cooked all the way through, poke it with a toothpick and see if you can push it straight through. If you can, you’re good to go. In a toaster oven, your sweet potato should toast in about 7-10 minutes, depending on the manufacturer. 

if you think you may have made your sweet potato slices a bit too thick to toast properly, microwave them in a single layer for 60 seconds, which will steam them from the insides and jumpstart the cooking process. 

Using Your Broiler

If you don’t have a special appliance dedicated to making toast, you can make sweet potato toast using your oven’s broiler. Arrange your sweet potato slices directly onto an oven rack set at the highest position, then turn the broiler to “high.” Keep the oven door slightly ajar so you can keep an eye on the toast, as it can go from barely-brown to burnt incredibly quickly. After a few minutes, once the top is browned to your liking, use a pair of metal tongs or flat spatula to flip the sweet potato slices over, then continue broiling until your desired level of toastiness has been achieved. 

If you don’t want to turn all your sliced sweet potatoes into toast at once, you can store extra slices in a resealable container filled with water, which will keep them fresh for up to a month. Before toasting, shake well over the sink to remove excess water, then blot well on both sides with a paper towel to dry completely. 

Sweet Potato Toast Topping Ideas

Just like you would with toasted bread, when making sweet potato toast you can let your imagination run wild. You can eat it fresh out of the toaster with a bit of butter and salt, or perhaps a schmear of cream cheese and your favorite bagel toppings. Use it for for fried egg sandwiches, dollop with ricotta and olive oil, or, but of course, use it as a base for avocado toast. And, as the name implies, sweet potato toast is also great with sweet things! It adds a whole new dimension of flavor to a classic PB&J, and is spectacular when drizzled with honey.

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