Forget Cushions, an Alluring Home Could Simply Come Down to Scent

Updated 04/09/18

While there are tried-and-tested design principles that help any space ooze serenity, and oft-overlooked element of interior styling is scent—perhaps because it’s invisible. And though a statement throw cushion or eye-catching vase provide interesting focal-points, the role of ambience and atmosphere lies heavily on the scent you use in your space, a sentiment Palm Beach Collection and Wilds founder, Kirsten Walker firmly believes in: “Scent can help to create ambience or atmosphere to any space.

It can change moods and evoke emotion. Scent is very powerful.”

As the cooler weather blows in over the next few months, Walker predicts that unisex scents will be prominent. With hints of patchouli and wood particularly becoming more popular. Also suggesting that strong floral accents paired with woody undertones can help create a sense of warmth on particularly frosty days. Just imagine, sipping your favourite cup of tea, under a cosy throw, accompanied by a fresh book and a heavenly scent. Sounds divine, right? Scroll on for some of our favourite winter-inspired scents.


Palm Beach Collection Patchouli and Woods Standard Candle $40

This candle will keep you feeling toasty and warm with notes of cinamon, bergamot, sandalwood and leather. 

Byredo Woods Candle $81

Combining the aromas of cedar, and raspberry, you'll feel like you're traipsing through a lush forest at first light. 

Lumira Cuban Tobacco Candle $65

For a gender-netural scent that embodies warm, golden afternoons, this Lumira candle infuses tangerine, cadarmom, and patouchli

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