Happy Couples Have These 6 Things in Common—Do You?

I've always been staunchly against the idea that you should change yourself to please someone else, but I'll admit that this year my perspective shifted. My younger self championed a hardline approach to dating (if someone didn't like the way I looked, spoke, or acted, then that someone wasn't the right person for me), but since transitioning into a long-term relationship, I've started to realize there's a lot of value in being self-reflective. You can learn a lot about yourself and the longevity of your relationship by pausing to ask, Am I being the best version of myself?

While relationships are a tough field to quantify, science suggests there are key traits that are seen as universally attractive or are believed to correlate to a stronger relationship. No, I'm not talking about wearing your hair in a certain way or faux-laughing at their jokes—experts argue that cultivating select traits and habits could be the key to relationship nirvana.

People in happy, long-lasting relationships have these six things in common—do you?

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