What Men Really Think of Our Favorite Décor Trends

If you try to imagine feminine versus masculine décor, chances are you’ll paint a wildly different picture for each. Though we often meet in the middle when decorating our homes, men and women still have differing views on what it takes to create a chic and comfortable abode.

Two years ago, we took it upon ourselves to poll men on what they thought of our feminine décor, and we were delighted by their witty, sometimes surprising answers. Because we love nothing more than asking men their thoughts on our favorite (sometimes puzzling to them) décor trends, we decided to poll them again, this time on popular décor trends: Moroccan rugs, antiqued mirrors, banana leaf prints, and more… Again, we weren’t disappointed.

Two noteworthy things we learned: Macramé wall hangings apparently look like rugs, and men love rose gold. Who knew? Keep reading to discover what these gents had to say.

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