What Men Really Want Women to Do on Dating Apps


Timur Emek/Getty Images

You could write an entire book on dating app etiquette, especially with the rise of more inventive algorithms used in apps like The League and Coffee Meets Bagel. While these unique social sites have undoubtedly led to some successful romantic matches, they've also garnered a lot of critics during their rise to the mainstream.

Most recently, Cosmopolitan chronicled the complaints of 15 different heterosexual, dating app–using men, and the results are a bit surprising. Most notably, most of the men wished that women would make the first move on dating apps. On a more surface level, their overarching complaint had to do with a lack of transparency regarding romantic intentions. One respondent named Aaron, age 23, even went as far as to call out the shady behavior native to dating apps and digital relationships in general: "Stop ghosting. At least be honest and say you're not feeling it," he said. At least five others replied with answers along the lines of "reply" and "be more transparent with what you're looking for." 

This trend could have something to do with the number of men and women using dating apps as a confidence booster, rather than an actual dating tool. For some, collecting an inbox full of matches and messages is more thrilling than the prospect of actually meeting someone—a habit that can ruin the chances for those actually looking for love.

Ladies, what do you wish guys would do differently on dating apps? Share your thoughts with us below.