The One Thing That Matters Most to Millennials In the Workforce

If there's one thing we millennials know for sure, it's that we're often misunderstood when it comes to perceptions of our egotistical work-related expectations. According to a recent article published by Inc., an international survey conducted by the Manpower Group found that the most important thing for millennials is actually job security—not too much to ask, right?

The trust issues between employers and the younger demographic could stem from the millennial generation's fear of being the first ones out the door when quarterly numbers are not being met. While it's often thought that our demographic is in need of constant positive reinforcement to stoke our big egos, the opposite is actually true.

The importance of knowing that we millennials—who make up 35% of the global workforce—will be able to grow and develop within the same company and share a sense of commitment to our employer is actually what we want most of our jobs. Second on that list in level of importance came "holidays/time off" and "great people." In other words, it means a lot to know we will be treated well in at work. 

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