Going Away? Don't Pack These 8 Things

When we're busy gallivanting the world, nothing weighs us down like too much luggage. It's cumbersome on public transport, inconvenient to haul across town, and expensive to check on flights. Think about it: we haul your suitcase up and down multiple flights of stairs—walk-up dwellers will attest; we stress when approaching the check-in counter—praying that our bag will fall just short of the weight limit; and we shamelessly ask our friend or S.O. to zip our bag while we clumsily sit on it—praying that our holiday shopping will not break the zipper. Yes, we are over packers, and we have a problem.  

The truth is: once arrived at destination, we use approximately 10% of what we initially packed. Heels go unworn, hair wands go unused, and we realize we would have been perfectly happy packing only a bikini and a cover up. Suddenly, the "what ifs" that worried us while packing start to feel silly. To treat our packing addiction, we came up with a list of items you should definitely not pack on your next trip. Consider this your 8-step program to over packing recovery.