The 3 Costco Food Buys a Nutritionist Swears By


When all is said and done, shopping at Costco can save you both time and money. But walking down just one aisle at the wholesale haven is enough to give any shopper decision fatigue. Between the furniture, clothing, groceries, home appliances, and free samples, you can make over your home in just one shopping trip.

But like any other grocery store, Costco's food section is brimming with nutritional hazards, especially when buying in bulk. To help you make the healthiest, most informed decisions when stockpiling at the wholesaler, Prevention asked registered dietitians and nutritionists about the food items they always buy at Costco. Here's what they make sure to pick up on their monthly Costco runs.

Dave's Killer Bread

"This bread is amazing!" gushes Bonnie Taub-Dix, a registered dietitian and nutritionist and author of Read It Before You Eat It. "We're talking organic, non-GMO, 21 different whole grains and seeds, 5 grams of protein, and 5 grams of fiber per slice." Since Costco sells it in a pack of two loaves, she recommends freezing the second if you don't plan on eating it daily.

Wild-Caught Salmon

Packed with healthy omega-3s and filling protein, wild-caught salmon is a Costco favorite of Rebecca Scritchfield, dietitian and nutritionist. "This is a convenient dinner option, because the salmon comes packaged in individual portions that can be pulled from the freezer at any time," she explains. "And you can turn the leftovers into satisfying next-day creations, adding the salmon to salads and wraps for lunch, or to eggs for an easy, high-protein breakfast."

Olive Oil + Flavored Vinegars

"I love to use this duo for making simple salad dressings at the beginning of the week, to pair with veggies, warm grains, and greens bowls," continues Scritchfield. "It adds flavor to your food, which makes healthy eating more enjoyable—when these staples are in my pantry, I'm more likely to cook at home instead of ordering delivery." She swears by a combination of three parts olive oil mixed with one part vinegar.

Head over to Prevention for more nutritionist-approved picks, and share your Costco go-tos below!

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