From Appetizers to Dessert: 9 Dishes to Bring to Thanksgiving Dinner

Some people were made for hosting. They love preparing a multiple-course meal for family and friends and are happy to spend the day in the kitchen. The holiday season is a time for them to show off their favorite dishes, and they're always happy to welcome others into their homes. Others prefer to take a backseat during the holidays and simply attend someone else's event as a guest. They can be found catching the football game on the couch or socializing with other guests with a glass of wine in hand.

Even if you fall into the latter category and have avoided playing host this year, you won't want to show up to a gathering empty-handed. That means finding the perfect appetizer, side, or dessert to contribute. Unsure what to bring for Thanksgiving dinner? Ahead, Kayla Howey, the foodie behind The Original Dish, is sharing her favorite recipes fit for a holiday feast.

From small bites and sides to scrumptious dessert, these dishes are everything you need to impress any crowd and lift some of the cooking burden off of your host. Whip up an eye-catching charcuterie board, cornbread muffins with fall flavors, or a stunning maple apple ricotta cake—just to name a few. Consider this your ultimate Thanksgiving dinner cheatsheet.