12 IKEA Finds That Last Well Beyond Your First Apartment

Is there an age when you should stop buying inexpensive furniture? According to a recent study, there is, in fact, an IKEA breakup age: 34. When we shared this data on our Facebook page, you reacted pretty much the same way we did. "There shouldn't be an age limit on buying affordable furniture!" say Shannon Wollack and Brittany Zwickl of L.A. design firm Studio Life.Style. "There are several ways to make a low-budget space seem more luxurious and mature," they add, no matter your age.

So how do you know which furniture will start looking dated and which pieces you'll want to keep beyond your first apartment? Wollack and Zwickl recommend asking yourself one question before entering a shopping frenzy: Will this item adapt to any environment I live in? "When it comes to purchasing larger furniture pieces at a lower price point, it's important to select a staple color or textile that you know will adapt to any environment," Wollack explains. "This way you can always find a new place for it in your home when the time comes to replace it with something of higher quality."

Below, the design duo spotlight what to buy at IKEA at every age and life stage. Trust us—you'll never regret these considered, versatile finds.