The Grapedown: What Wines to Buy From the Top Australian Regions

Updated 10/05/18
Australian Wines to Buy From Every Region

We're not sure about you, but when we think about Australia's natural jewels, often its coastal charm overshadows our accomplished winemaking industry. And while we love a good glass of wine—particularly after a long week in the office—and are familiar with our favourite go-tos, sometimes we wonder whether we know enough about the top-notch drops crafted in our local award-winning regions. 

Because we sit far outside the range of sommelier status, we spoke to co-founder of Fratelli Paradiso in both Sydney and Tokyo (as well as 10 William St), Giovanni Paradiso, about the wines he loves from some of Australia's most prestigious regions. 

Paradiso has a passion for the growing wine culture in Australia and believes, "we need to embrace our identity, we need to make wines have a sense of place. We [should try to] develop a style of wine which reflects the nature of Australia." We'll certainly drink to that. 

See below for his top four wine selections from around Australia below. 


Barossa Valley, SA

"Tom Shobbrook is a national idol who is at the forefront of natural wine in this country. His creations are expressive and give you a strong sense of place. They specialise in intelligent winemaking."

Best Barossa Valley Shiraz
Tom Shobbrook Sunday by Tommy Ruff Shiraz $37

Margaret River, WA

"Sam Vinciullo is a disciple of the great Frank Cornelissen and is now making wine in Australia. He is progressive and obsessed about biodiversity. The wines are energising and vibrant, exactly what I want to drink."

Best Margaret River Red
Sam Vinciullo Warner Glen Red $40

Yarra Valley, vic

"Patrick Sullivan produces three stunning pinots from the Yarra Valley. They have this melancholic beauty and minimal intervention, the stuff of dreams, really."

Best Yarra Valley Rosé
Patrick Sullivan Rosé $38

Hunter Valley, NSW

"Harkham Wines have fantastic drinkability. These wines contain no sulphur juice and are a beautifully crafted semillon, chardonnay, and syrah."

Best Hunter Valley Shiraz
Harkham Wines Aziza's Shiraz $38
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