Kayla Itsines's Workout Isn't Complete Until She Does These 2 Things


With summer on the horizon and warmer weather letting you finally shed those winter layers, making time for exercise suddenly feels significantly more appealing. If you're putting in hours at the gym, outdoors, or in your favorite workout class du jour, it's important to remember that what you do right after a sweaty workout session is just as important as the workout itself.

Who better to offer some post-workout advice than veteran exercise extraordinaire Kayla Itsines? According to a recent post on her blog, what you do after a workout can affect your overall progress and help you avoid possible injuries. For her, no training session is complete without a proper cool down and recovery session. Here are two things Itsines makes sure to do during her post-workout routine.

1. Stretch. Once she's cooled down from after a tough exercise, Itsines uses a foam roll to loosen up her muscles followed by a stretching routine. She recommends doing static stretches and staying in each position for at least 30 seconds.

2. Refuel. A key component of any effective workout is letting your body recover and refuel afterward. Along with drinking plenty of water, Itsines always has at least a light snack with a little bit of protein after any workout. Her go-to is peanut butter and apple slices.

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