The Best Way to Get Over Being Ghosted (Tell Your Friends)

Updated 05/24/18
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How to Get Over a Break-Up
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I’m not going to lie, the term “ghosting” in the context of relationships was a foreign concept to me up until a few months ago—that’s until I Googled it of course. And from conversations I’ve had since, apparently, the experience of people ending relationships without any explanation, or simply not texting back, is quite common. I mean, can you ever be too busy to send a text at least? Whatever their reason may be, valid or not, being “ghosted” can be a devastating feeling, even in the harsh world of e-love and right swipes.

According to Science of Us, experts say there are specific ways to get over the experience faster, so you can spend your time on more healthy relationships.

In the article, Ebony A. Utley, a professor of communication at California State University says that based on her expertise, the best way to get over it is to feel it all, and do so abundantly. Yes, the age-old notion of wallowing—chocolate in hand—will help you move on faster. Other experts in the article like dating coach Laurel House and sexuality educator and Timaree Schmit also suggest that you don’t go looking for answers, or an apology, House pointing out, that "you don’t know if it’s a ‘them’ issue or a ‘you’ issue.”

In fact, the article concludes by suggesting that another way to get out of your funk (after wallowing of course) could just be to use it as a moment of positive reflection, and once enough time has passed, asking yourself some questions about your dating strategy to see if there’s anything you may be able to change for your next relationship. 

For more tips, read the full article on Science of Us. And for more relationship advice, give Stan Tatkin's book, Wired for Love ($23) a try. 

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