Working Out and Can't Lose Weight? A Trainer Says Do This


Original Illustration by Stephanie DeAngelis

Nothing is more frustrating than working out consistently and failing to see the results you'd hoped for. While you can expect many benefits from maintaining a workout regimen—higher energy levels, improved mood, and better overall health and well-being—weight loss is certainly top of mind, yet many struggle to achieve it. To address this all-to-common concern, My Body+Soul spoke with Dan Conn, a personal trainer at F45 Double Bay, about how to supercharge your workout once you’ve hit a slump.

Conn recommends switching up your workouts, whether that means working out after work instead of before, or working out on an empty stomach in the morning. “If you do cardio or high-intensity interval training [on an empty stomach], you’ll tap into fat stores a little faster,” he says. Working out at night, on the other hand, can encourage you to make healthier choices in the evening, especially after sitting at a desk for eight hours.

Conn also says that your diet can be the problem. “If your goal is to drop weight faster than usual, I recommend trying a new diet which is high in good fats and low in carbs,” he tells My Body+Soul. “This puts the body into a ketosis state, and it’ll tap into stored fat for longer energy sources. Sometimes, you have to shock the body to make the body!”

How do you kick-start your workout routine in a pinch? Share your tips with us below!