What to Do With Your Leftover Gift Wrap

After that one year that you didn't buy enough gift wrap and had to run out to the store on Christmas Eve, you've given in to a new way of thinking: When it comes to wrapping paper, more is never a bad thing. But for those of us without storage closets to hold the remnants of this year's rolls, chances are we're just going to throw it out (such a shame since the prints are so pretty). For this very reason, we dreamed up some awesome ways to repurpose what's left of this year's paper below:

1. Line the bottom of a breakfast tray with the paper. Voila! Here's to a delectable meal in bed.

2. Use it as liners for the drawers in your bureau, kitchen, or bathroom.

3. With the help of hole punches, make heaps of confetti—then pour a handful of it into the envelopes you tuck your handwritten notes into. 

4. Wrap your kids' school books in it (by January, it's likely their current covers are already starting to tear).

5. Tape it onto plain cork board behind your desk and then pushpin photos and other notes on top. Instant cubicle wallpaper! 

6. Use it as decorative paper to carry a bouquet of fresh flowers to your friend who's playing hostess.

Buy a doily lace hole punch here so you can make dainty confetti.

What do you do with your leftover holiday gift wrap? Tell us in the comments below!