3 Reasons You Should Give Up Your Smartphone

While we may be nearing the “peak oil” moment of smartphones, i.e., soon to exhaust the technologies of this device, our fingers are still wrapped tightly around our phones—we’re rarely without them. Whether you’re in a meeting, or on a date, you can bet your phone is always within reach.

And though we may admit that we need a digital detox, sometimes a girl just needs a half-step before the leap. To that end, we turn to the smartwatch. Yes, it may be a bit of a cheat, but sometimes you can’t quit cold turkey. And our watch of choice? Michael Kors’s new Access smartwatch, a watch that multitasks just as hard as we do—and lets us do it all hands-free. 

Keep scrolling to find out why we’ve turned into smartwatch devotees—you just may be converted too. 

What feature of the Michael Kors Access smartwatch do you like most? And are you ready to cut the cord?