The Surprising Diet That Sheds Excess Body Fat

Having trouble shedding those pesky remaining pounds? Sometimes, as much as we do to eat right and work out, there's always that bit of body fat that just won't go away. It turns out there's a healthy, natural way to trick your body into becoming a fat-burning machine.

Body and Soul recently spilled the intense fat-shredding regimen of F45, Australia's fastest-growing gym franchise, famous for its high-intensity workouts. The gym boasts a bespoke meal and nutrition program that's paired with its intense training for enviable results. The final phase of one of F45's eight-week fitness challenges is "stripping away leftover, stubborn body fat." It follows detoxing and muscle building, so if you're trying at home, be sure to integrate every step into your lifestyle. But for a quick breakdown on what the trainers advise to eat to burn that stubborn fat, we've cut to the chase.

F45 has its members stick to a protein-rich diet, "re-shocking the metabolism to support lean muscle growth." This strategy combats sugar cravings, suppresses the appetite, and aids physical fitness—all elements that contribute to fat loss. In week eight of the challenge, participants shift to a ketogenic eating program made up of high-fat, low-carbohydrate foods like beef strips with yogurt sauce and cream cheese with smoked salmon. This encourages the body's bloodstream to produce ketones, which are then used for energy instead of glucose, inciting a chemical reaction that "will turn the body into a fat-burning machine."

It's best to remember that this strategy is intended to support an intense training program, so be sure to incorporate every element of a healthy lifestyle if you give it a go.

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